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What do I need to supply PELA in order to receive a prompt, accurate stencil?

Pela requires a gerber 274x file of the paste layer as a minimum at 1:1 scale with the copper layer. An outline and missing feducials may require other layers such as the copper, mask and silkscreen to be included.

How long does a stencil take to produce?

Production time can vary but are less then 24 hours ready to ship.  Files received before noon are often shipped the same day.  

What sizes and types of stencils are available?

PELA stencils are mounted in either 29" x 29" x 0.5" or 23" x 23" x 0.5" frames.  Other custom cutting of plates, single site stencils and masks are available.  Other foil thicknesses are also available. 

Does PELA edit the paste layer?

Yes, PELA will work with you to get the best stencil for your process.  We can supply standard edits or special features as required.  If the paste is already edited from copper size, difficulties can arise with future edits.  

What are fiducials and do I need them?

Fiducials are typically 0.040" round laser marked features on the bottom of the stencil to match features on the PCB panels. Fiducials are required for automated  paste printers or future use. 

What is a squeegee side view?

A stencil has 2 sides, the top (or squeegee side) receives paste and the bottom (or board side) that contacts the PCB panel.  Squeegee side view is important as we have to determine the view of the file sent.  A silkscreen file layer is also helpful. 

Where are the stencils made?

All CAM editing and laser cutting is completed in our Ottawa, Ontario, Canada facility.  Shipping methods are our customer's choice - local and international carriers are available.  

Are stencils made of stainless steel?

Yes, the stencil foil is a stainless steel.  We use Datum PHD metal for it's fine grain structure, flatness and tolerance.  

Does PELA offer etched or electroformed stencils?

No, PELA has specialized in laser cut stencils for over 20 years.  Three different generations of laser equipment have been employed in our business' history.  

Why should I use PELA over other suppliers?  

The best stencil is a combination of price, accuracy, design and materials.  PELA offers 20 years of editing experience and the best materials and fabrication equipment we can buy.  A commodity stencil may not place the right amount of paste, cleanly and repeatably, where you need it.   

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